what dreams may come

After a long, frantically fun weekend it's odd to say that I'm sort of happy the week began again today. I spent all week wishing for Friday, and by Sunday I'm ready for work again...I guess that means my life is fairly in balance. I'm never upset about what's coming up next - just anticipating.
Tonight my plans are exceedingly simple:
bake cookies
take a bath
put away laundry
play my piano
drink a glass of wine on my porch
watch a movie with my boyfriend

Nothing remarkable, I know, but I can't think of much else I'd rather do.
I don't know why everybody is so upset about the end of summer, I think it's pretty sweet.

Plus, while both are great, don't you just love what comes next?


"Maybe if they all could be combined - art, rock and fashion. Those were always my favorite things."-Stephen Sprouse


“Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.”

I've lived in Champaign for the past four years, and if there was one thing about it that I maybe didn't like, it was that although I stayed close with my friends from home, they all lived far away. Unsurprisingly, the upside to my move to Charleston is that I know more people than I can count here - there's always someone popping in to say hello, have a drink, or have dinner with us, and I love that! However - my long list of things to do, general exhaustion from a very busy schedule, and the realization that it had been quite a long time since I'd just sat and done nothing prompted me to ask Darrell to make his own plans tonight. So far I've taken a bubble bath, done my nails, downloaded music, and folded laundry all in solitary bliss. I'm sure by 10:30 tonight I'll be wondering when he's coming home....but until then this couch is all mine.
For you - a little inspiration I've run across during my blog-browsing.
In case you can't tell, I've become inspired by this seasons covered-up bohemian aesthetic. It's perfect for my work dress code - nothing revealing, short, or denim, but other than that I have pretty free reign.
It's much more fun that my t-shirt and jeans everyday for waitressing - plus they let me keep my boho braids, bird tattoos, and flowy dresses.

"Maybe if they all could be combined - art, rock and fashion. Those were always my favorite things."-Stephen Sprouse


less than fancy

I know I know - I'm sure some of you were beginning to give up on me... but I have excellent excuses for my incredibly long absence.

1. I've moved!! I spent the last 11 days packing, moving, and unpacking - it's not my favorite pastime, since furniture moving basically requires a uniform of tennis shoes, denim cutoffs, and my boyfriend's v-necks. I now live in Charleston, IL, a town even smaller than Champaign with less than three sit-down restaurants...no really. Which leads me to my second reason...

2. I've had absolutely no occasion to wear anything more formal than jeans and a tank top since I got here. Seriously, between carrying boxes and working at my business casual job, I have a pretty small window for fashion. Like a good girl, I put off doing anything remotely dress-up worthy until last night, when I threw this on. (For the record, it was for a birthday party, and I was still overdressed.)

3. People walk EVERYWHERE here. If they're not flats, they're not worth wearing, because for some reason there are basically no sidewalks.

But other than that, I'm basically in love with where we live. Our house is cozy and adorable, just like I intended it to be, and I promise my next post will be shots of our humble abode.

Also, I'm going to start working on my "casual" looks...
i'm thinking of it as a new challenge.

dress-f21, shoes-jessica simpson

"Maybe if they all could be combined - art, rock and fashion. Those were always my favorite things."-Stephen Sprouse
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