(try to ignore the xBox controllers...)

Last weekend I went a little (okay maybe a lot) crazy cleaning our house and making it feel fresh and new. On a serious budget. I already had all my cleaning supplies, so no big cost there, but I was determined to get some pictures & flowers on these walls & tables, and maybe a few new bright accents here and there. So off I went to Goodwill. I scoured the home section for baskets, throw pillows, and flower vases and pretty much made out like a bandit, and then went to Trader Joe's to buy the cheapest/best flowers they had - daffodils & daisies cost close to nothing this time of year! After divvying up my finds all over and ordering some digital pics printed polaroid-style, our place felt sort of "new" all over again. Here are some pics I took of the small changes.

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