how to wander

Found these on another blog, and thought it was totally perfect for a summer weekend day: 

No. 0: No maps or navigation devices allowed.
No. 1: Don't tell anyone you're wandering except you're co wanderers.
No. 2: Don't go into the first place you see unless they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner twenty-four hours a day.
No. 3: If you see an Urban Outfitters you are too near mainstream streets. 
No. 4: Avoid the police, even if you're innocent.
No. 5: Trust your instincts.
No. 6: No shopping.  
No. 7: If you are looking for food or beverages and you skip over four places, you must go into number five.
No. 8: No salads.
No. 9: Just eat it.
No. 10: Use the bathroom every chance you get.
No. 11: If there is guacamole, order it.
No 12: Ignore the rules.

photo from Andy Heart

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