what made me smile this week

these glass alhambra apothecary jars, because i was sick of rummaging around under my bathroom sink for cotton balls and q-tips - plus they make my bathroom much prettier

this ring dish - because it is HILARIOUS and will definitely be in my kitchen once it arrives.  i definitely needed a better place to stash my ring while cooking than the food scale, which is my current solution.  

these produce bags, because i was so sick of having plastic whole foods bulk bags full of lentils and nuts everywhere, and these look much nicer.  plus, four for ten dollars!  

this banner, because it's a solution to what my young (and not quite trustworthy with rings yet) ring bearer will be carrying down the aisle at my wedding

this hand soap, because it smells amazing and as convenient as my auto dispenser was, it's not quite as pretty on my sink.  

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