what made me smile this week

these outfits - because i haven't bought new clothes in forever, and with the sweltering weather this week these light and fluttery dresses were the perfect thing to wear.

this little pile of clothes - because the only thing that was going to get me out in the heat was a pre-planned running outfit

this love note which reads "Dearest Kate, that night in Atlanta will live long in my memory..." 
it was found on the back of a 'Gone with the Wind' poster, which we got on a 'free' table at a rummage sale a few weeks ago.
i discovered the note when i took it out to put it in a nicer frame I had bought.

this library, because i can get any book i want to read all summer, for free, right here.
now i'm into a pretty trashy beach read, but 'Anna Karenina' is next on the list.

the walkmen playing at an amazing venue we just discovered, which is basically a cross between a bar and a museum.  plus the band was awesome.


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