what made me smile this week

This necklace - because I found it on eBay for only $12 - less than 10% of what it's inspiration costs at J.Crew

This plant - because it's still alive 10 days in!!  Please ignore that single suicidal leaf there...

Fireworks - and pretty much the best 4th of July ever.  You can tell it was, because we pretty much look like hell in this picture, but still SO happy.  That is what your fishtail braid looks like when it goes from "casually rumpled" to just plain old messed up.  

This candle, because it smells SOOO GOOD. This plus A/C blasting plus this makes my house feel cozy when all it's been feeling in St. Louis for the past few weeks is HOT & oh-so-sticky.  I'm actually excited for it to cool down to 90 degrees.  And since when is 90 degrees COOL?  

This iced coffee, cause it was $2.  It's $4.50 at my usual spot, so this discovery is a definite win in my book, and totally worth the extra 2 block walk.  


  1. Hey, this is my first visit and I already know I am going to be back here. Really loved ur blog!
    Visit me. :)


  2. wow I love natural photos like this, great moments,xoxo.



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