for the home #1

Love, love, LOVE this darling chalkboard display from A Girl In Transit.  I don't actually read her blog (yet) but I found this photo on Pinterest linked there, and I thought it was such a genius idea!  If you really got creative with your chalk drawing - something as simple and impactful as the above passes as art in my book - you could constantly switch it up!  I'm always swooning over a new word or phrase I've seen lately in a book or on a blog, and this appeals to me as something you can keep fresh.  Also, I haven't looked into it yet but I'm guessing you can pick up a simple chalkboard like this for around $10 from stores like Hobby Lobby, yes?  Let's all go see, and start getting creative (and inspiring!) with our "art."  


  1. Wow thanks for linking to me! Your are so sweet and I'm loving your space here! I have to be honest though, the actual saying itself is not my own creation. The idea of transferring it to a chalk board was my idea though. My original post has the link to the artist who created the saying.

    - Sarah

    1. Well creative use nevertheless! Glad you don't mind my using your photo : )


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