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I'm sure I've mentioned before that my fiance Darrell gets up at 5:40 am.  Every.  Single.  Morning.  
Lately, the man has even been working on Saturdays.  I work at home, and technically don't HAVE to get out of bed until about 8, which feels very luxurious in comparison.  But I always felt guilty, and for the past month have been trying (and completely failing) to get up and go running in the morning.  I like to run, but I hate doing it so early.  Running is for my lunch break, or on the weekends in the afternoon, it's a little intense at 6 am.  This morning, I decided to go to a 6:30 yoga class instead, and it was the perfect compromise.  I love yoga, and go semi regularly (by which I mean at least once a week) , and the hourlong class was the perfect thing to wake me up and jumpstart my October with a clear mind.  Surely something I need, since I am getting married in NINETEEN DAYS.  Also, because a psychic at the fair yesterday told me I was "confused" about decisions I would be making in the next three weeks, and needed to remove some blocks.  (Don't worry Darrell, I'm not confused about saying "I Do.")  No, I'm going to assume she meant "energy blocks" and start upping my asanas.  

To keep me going, here are some reminders that I should go to yoga more, and I don't really have any excuse for skipping class...

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