new wife life # 2

When I was little, every time the seasons changed my mother would redecorate just a bit.  In our basement, there was a cupboard filled to the brim with seasonal decor - stuff you wouldn't leave out year round, but only put on display during Christmastime, in February for Valentine's Day, or in April for Easter.  I loved this stuff - it seems as though because we didn't get to use it all the time, it was all more special.  She collected those things over the years, and has such good taste most of it still looks fresh every season.  Now that I'm sort of making my own home (well, apartment) I wanted the same kind of thing when fall came around this year.  I found a pretty cute little selection of items at inexpensive stores like Wal-Mart and Target, but these were some of my favorite finds from around the internet.   

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