I am feeling crazy inspired by all of miss Aimee Song's outfits lately. I love all her color/pattern mixing & texture play - I plan on scooping up a few of her key pieces as soon as funds allow!

Check out more on her blog HERE!

"Maybe if they all could be combined - art, rock and fashion. Those were always my favorite things."-Stephen Sprouse



It's been a crazy couple of weeks in our life, and not everything is going as planned, in the worst of ways. Times like these you just want to get into bed and never get back up....
However, I'm a big believer in that sometimes you just have to keep doing what you do until you figure out a plan. If you give up until things get fixed they probably won't, but if you keep moving and doing your best a lot of times life brings you a solution.
A little prayer and a little work go a long way.
I think "God will provide" is a beautiful sentiment, but I always found "God helps those who help themselves" to be a more reliable philosophy.

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