copycat - anthro zinc letters

I REALLY love these letters

but I thought they were kind of silly expensive for more than one.  They aren't that big, and they're also real heavy.  So, I decided to make my own.  Weird decision for me - I'm NOT a DIY person....it's genetic.  Every time I want to own something "crafty" I usually search Etsy to see if someone out there can make it for me.  

This project....well I wouldn't call it successful.  See, I may have forgotten to lay down newspaper before spray painting them on the porch, and then may have left a stencil of our initials on our apartment's porch.  Personalized graffiti.....at least the letters turned out cute?!

Also, these will hang with double sided mounting tape.  

Here's what I used:

(Disclaimer: this is NOT a DIY post.  
This is a "spray paint some cardboard, please remember to put down newspaper first" recommendation.)  

THESE letters & numbers

THIS spray paint

THIS mounting tape

and bonus, Hobby Lobby only charges $2 shipping.  So all in all, about a $20 project.  If I had bought them at Anthro, it would've been $60 for the three letters.  WIN!  

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  1. Hi there! I found you via A Blog about Love and have been poking around your archives a bit. So nice to see we have a few things in common (like, the quote about everything starting over in the Fall——which I posted, too a few months ago!, and what looks like a golden retriever puppy...although mine is still imaginary, sending the Obamas a wedding invitation, etc.). Look forward to reading more!


    PS. Congrats on your recent wedding!


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