wednesday/monday and our resolutions

So I know it's Wednesday, but it sure feels like Monday.  Ever the optimist, rather than be sad it's time to get back to work I'll just focus on the fact that it's only a three day week!  

I love resolutions - I really they work for me.  In 2011 my resolution was to lose weight, and I lost 30 pounds.  I don't know that it was the fact that it was a "new years resolution" that made it stick, but ever since then, they've worked for me.  In 2012, I resolved the start working out (I lost the weight through diet alone).  I ran my first half marathon in May, and have kept up a consistent yoga practice all year long.  

This year I have more health related goals and some financial ones.  The Darrell and I have found that if we share goals, we're way more likely to accomplish it, so we made our resolutions together.  

In no particular order....

1.   Read more books.  
I love the read, but sometimes just sitting down and getting started on a few chapters is half the battle. It's way easier to flip through a website or browse Pinterest when I have some free time.  Those things don't provide the same escape from work.  Since I'm in a creative field, every time I'm online I find myself unconsciously looking for new inspiration for designs.  Reading is a creative diversion that's totally relaxing.  And as for Darrell....well he doesn't read much besides news articles.  He's not a fiction person, so he'll be reading more autobiographies, non-fiction books, etc.  

2.  Run 4 days a week.  
In the past year, I fell into a pattern of only heading out for a run 2, maybe 3 days a week.  That may be find for some people who aren't trying to increase their mileage, but this year I really want to step up my running, and improve my times.  Darrell is finishing up Couch to 5K, and he's made it farther than he ever has before.  I really think I've finally gotten him into running for good, and I'm looking forward to having a running buddy!

3.  Eat out only twice a month, cook healthy meals at home instead.  
We probably already don't eat out as much as most people, but every time we do, we don't eat as healthily as we'd like and we spend money we don't need to.  I think putting a limit on when we eat out will honestly make it even more special.  We can keep it to date nights at our favorite places, as opposed to just something close by when we don't feel like cooking.  

4.  Start a weight training regimen.  
I am a cardio junkie.  I think lifting weights is incredibly boring, and I've always felt like yoga is enough strength training for me, but lately I've gotten it into my head that we need to build strength and not just burn fat (duh.)  There's a gym right by our house that only costs $20/month for two people, so we're joining up today.  Not to mention that I'll now have access to a treadmill when the weather isn't good for outdoor running.  

5.  Stick to our financial game plan.  
Me and Darrell both have some debt, and we'd really like to get it paid off so that we can start saving for important things, like buying him a new car in a year or two, and saving up for a down payment on a house (!!!)  I won't bore you with the details, but I worked out a plan that involves us not spending much on any miscellaneous extras.  Sad face for my closet.  

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