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As a part of our resolutions, me and Darrell are heading to the gym after work to start our weight training program today (fyi, I'm gonna give THIS program a try...wish me luck).   Since I work from home, and I try to get in a run or yoga class at least 4-5 days a week, it's kind of shameful how much time I spend in workout wear.  Seriously, I used to write a fashion blog, and then I started only getting  dressed up on the weekends and that kind of fell by the wayside!  

Since it's pretty much all I wear, I'm kind of obsessed with nice workout gear.  As in, the kind of stuff you can wash every.  single.  week.  and still have it look good as new.  These are my favorite picks right now - although honestly if you asked me I'd say invest in anything from lululemon.com in general - your man will thank you for the improved rear view, their pants are magic!  ; )

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