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I just want to give a little shout out about one of my FAVORITE blogs, A Blog About Love after listening to their radio interview today, and just really loving the post that went up this afternoon.  

Mara & Danny are a crazy in love couple who have had a lot of challenges in their life, but make it their mission to live with positivity and hope - an idea that was bolstered further when they found each other.  It's a joy to read their words, they are definitely inspiring.  

You can check out their blog HERE, and the short interview I listened to is HERE.  

sidenote: Mara & Danny are Mormons like, honestly, most of my favorite bloggers are!  But even though the interview is on BYU radio they don't discuss religion much in it or on their blog.  I am not sure why, but there is something going on in that particular religion that is just booming creativity and adorableness all over the inter webs.  I don't know much about the LDS Church, but I'm sure it's entirely possible that I'd be more creative, productive, and upbeat if I never drank caffeine or alcohol too ; )  

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