the earth laughs in flowers

I love keeping fresh flowers in the house.  I can't make a potted flower last a week (black thumb!) but cut flowers I have a kind of magic with, I can usually make them last at least a week or two.  

Even still, at $10-15 dollars a week to cover a few rooms in my apartment, it adds up to money I feel a bit frivolous spending.  I mean, I don't NEED flowers.  I do work at home though, and I like to keep my apartment looking the best I can since my couch is also my desk.  

In springtime, Trader Joe's has a fantastic remedy to this issue - $1.69 daffodil bunches.  They aren't bloomed, so in the store they don't look so great.  They aren't even kept in water!  Take a 5 or 6 bunches home to fill about three rooms with flowers.  To display them, cut the ends on the diagonal, and pop them into some cold water.  

I promise they will bloom into yellow sunshine for your home in less than a day!  

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