april inspirations

April is maybe my second favorite month - May wins in my eyes because the weather is always so perfect.  I hate the rain!  But I love the promise that April holds - getting those first spring days where you get to finally (FINALLY!) wear some new spring clothes, finding the best flowers (daffodils!  ranunculus!) at the grocery store, heading to the farmer's market for strawberries & hopefully some early watermelon.  Mostly, I'm just hoping to seize the energy that comes with the beginning of spring and really be my best self.  I feel like we all improve a little bit with the extra time we can spend outdoors.  

I plan to spend every exceptionally warm day reading outside for a few hours, and I'm hoping to have at least one outdoor dinner party a la the photo above.  

What are you favorite things about April?  Anything you're hoping to accomplish?  

in the photo: clogs - swedish hasbeens, top - madewell from last year, but still a favorite, other photos - pinterest

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