Oh, Monday

My weekend looked a lot like the pictures above, and I'll be honest, I'm pretty sad it's over.  Today is all about work, working out, and hoping it doesn't rain anymore.

But in the interest of optimism, here are a few things making my Monday today.

Cooking dinner has been pretty fun lately, since most of my favorite things are back in season.  The Honest company put up a great list of the best that's available now.

It has been consistently warm enough to have the windows open for a week now.  Enough said.  

I've been wearing this perfume ever since I picked up a rollerball last week, and its smell literally puts a smile on my face every time I catch a whiff.

This quote describes my work really well.  Also, I think it's incredibly true in general.

Okay, I know it's far away, but I'm already thinking about making this drink on Friday!

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