i want to be wearing....

It wasn't like I'd never heard of Soludos espadrilles before, but when Cup of Jo posted about them last week I was reminded of how they may just be the perfect summer shoe.  

My husband could not be picker when it comes to footwear.  He demands that if we're going somewhere together my selection is comfortable, because he doesn't want to hear me complain, but he also detests the look of wedges, so heels are pretty much out.  I can get by with a variety of boots in the fall & winter, but in the summer I have to create a pretty good wardrobe of flat, comfortable, and still attractive-to-my-man shoes.  

Keds are winners, Saltwaters are considered "passable" though not his favorite, and Toms also make the cut. I think he'd approve of these casual cool options as well, especially the ankle wrap sandal, which makes a nice alternative to wearing heels.  

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