monday tips

It's going to be a crazy day around here - so much to do, so little time.  Mondays are actually my favorite,  I work from home in St Louis and I like to get a running start on my week.  Of course, it's possible not everything will get done, and I'll fall a bit short, but these tips make it a little more likely that I'll make it all happen.  

1.  Wake up to music!  I used to go by an alarm clock with this obnoxious beeping sound, but I recently discovered the feature of waking up to your current favorite song with your iPhone alarm.  I really like THIS song first thing in the morning.  

2.  Get in a workout before anything else.  I'll be the first to admit, this does not always happen.  I like sleep as much as the next person, but even I have to admit that when I kick my day off with a good run or morning yoga class, the whole day seems to go more smoothly.  If you want to fit it in without leaving your house, I love Bethenny Frankel's yoga videos.  I know it's a little funny that a reality star has a yoga DVD, but they're filmed with her instructors, and I like that she isn't too serious. 

3.  Dress up.  Your whole day can be improved with the confidence of knowing you look cute.  In the summer, I fall back on a cute dress (no putting an outfit together!) and flat shoes, for running errands with ease.  Totally coveting this and these right now.  

4.  Make time for a decent lunch.  I'm spoiled by working at home, because I can use my whole kitchen, but on the days I'm in the office I pack a good salad.  I made this one yesterday and it was SO good.   

5.  After dinner walks.  We just got a membership do a dog park, which our labradoodle loves, and if we don't head there sometimes we'll just roam around the park.  It's the most perfect way to end the day.  Reading My Tea Leaves even has a lovely little #afterdinnerwalk project going on Instagram.  

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