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I would just like to send a giant thank you into the universe for creating this perfect product.  I am a little hippie-ish when it comes to my product use, but let's be honest.  Sometimes these natural products just don't WORK and this is probably the most true with deodorant.  A few of them work on smell but not sweat, some work on sweat but not smell, and most just don't work at all.  Sadly, I had pretty much resigned myself to just using Dove, which is great IF you can put it out of your mind that it works by clogging up your pores with cancer-causing aluminum.  

When reading my tea leaves posted about this deodorant cream, I was a little skeptical.  Would it be gloppy?  Smell weird? Just plain not work?  I ordered it anyways, seeing as it was the cheaper of two options I had recently heard good things about (the other being THIS).  It arrived in literally two days, I've worn it in 85 degree weather walking my dog, and here is the verdict: this stuff wins the world.  

You can get it HERE.  

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