probably the easiest decision you'll make all day

Earlier today when I was reading Sea of Shoes post featuring her new sandals here, I decided I had had enough shoe envy this summer, and it was time to find myself some similar sandals to the Isabel Marant lovelies pictured above and on just about every person here.  
As with pretty much everything Isabel Marant, they happen to go with most of my closet already.  However, I cannot (dare I say would not) ever spend that much on shoes.  

Aldo, sometimes you are just the best.  I don't have these in my hands yet, but when I do I'll be sure to report back.  The chunky heel and sturdy ankle strap make them look like they'll actually be pretty comfortable, and I love the chalky white color.  Relaxed and washed out, at $34.98 (marked down from $120!) they are pretty much the perfect summer heel.    


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