a happy room

I'm normally not one to mess with natural light - I tend to like for it to stream in at all angles - but sometimes you need privacy, and privacy calls for curtains.  New curtains, in this case, because I was just SO OVER the stuffy damask ones I had previously installed for these doors.  It was a cost effective decision, but not a pretty one.  

But this may just be the year I remember as "the year I learned how to do it myself" and do it myself I did.  I picked out this fun yellow chevron at Hobby Lobby, brought it home and hemmed up the edges with hem tape.  A few clip rings later and I had new custom curtains, at the perfect length.  This has, of course, kind of a created a monster and now I've basically gone around putting new curtains in every room.  

Want the DIY?  Click over to Young House Love.  

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