beauty miracles: eyelash extensions

forgive the car selfie, me with no makeup, post eyelash extensions  

My first foray into eyelash extensions was for our wedding.  I thought it would be a great way to look good in every photo, and I could keep them on for the honeymoon.  Unfortunately, the kind I got for the wedding, Novalash, were crazy uncomfortable, stiff, and outrageously expensive.  I was really grateful that I tested them way in advance of the big day, because I would have majorly regretted spending my entire wedding day messing with my eyelashes.  

I figured I'd never try them out again, and just stick to falsies.  Still, there's nothing like waking up and looking bright eyed and pretty first thing in the morning, and extensions are pretty much the only way to make that happen.  I work in a small town in Illinois two days a week, where I grew up, and when I saw that a local salon was doing eyelash extensions for only $20, I was skeptical, but super intrigued.   A lot of the little nail salons in St. Louis are doing these cheaper versions now, but the idea of "cheap" eyelash extensions had always freaked me out.  I went for it anyways.   

IT IS GENIUS.  I don't know how, but these new versions that are inexpensive are amazing, somehow better than the fancy ones I got the first time around.  I go about every two weeks, and it takes all of 20 minutes.  Did I mention that the more expensive Novalash extensions took almost an hour?  

I walk out looking like the picture above (okay, I'm no model, but before the extensions and La Mer no way I would've posted a no makeup picture on the internet) and for $20 I'm super happy with that.  Moral of the story?  If you go to a little nail salon that offers this service, or see a salon in town is doing eyelash extensions for $20-30, don't be skeptical, be excited and go for it.  You won't look back!  Except with really pretty, long lashed eyes.  

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