mini golf date

We had a really fun (and cheap!) date night in the Ozarks over the holiday weekend, playing mini golf. I was maybe this much overdressed for the occasion, but I packed this dress and wanted to wear it, so i did!  I won - we are maybe a tad more competitive than the average couple - but only by a technicality. My slightly overconfident husband assumed he was far ahead of me, and then gave away his last couple points.  So we called it a wash!  You can also see my latest tattoo peeking out from the sleeve, I got it exactly like THIS one.
dress - Lovers + Friends, sunglasses - Ray-Ban


  1. Hey! Found you through the STL Fashion and Style FB page, and I love your blog! My husband and I looove mini golf, and I know this place at the Lake, it's like the prettiest mini-golf course ever, right?

  2. LOVE your blog. Found it through the STL bloggers group. I nominated your blog for a "liebster" award on my blog. Check it out :)




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