summer break

Have you guys heard of the new social media based reality series Summer Break?  I have to admit, I was skeptical of it at first, but it's giving Laguna Beach a run for its money.  It's a really interesting concept - the "show" plays out in mini webisodes on YouTube, and outside of viewing those you can follow the cast in real time on their tumblr blog, Twitter pages, and Instagram.  The show follows a group of 18 year olds around during their last summer before heading off to college.  Of course, the kids are beautiful and rich (one of them has a house of their own that is RIGHT on the beach in LA, obviously financed by her parents) and they're also incredibly young and naive.  A recipe for drama and entertainment.  

It's a really interesting idea for a reality show, because you aren't watching a show that was edited within an inch of its life.  The girls are shown without hair and makeup and it all looks very, well, realistic.  Check it out!  

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