weekend link and love list

I did THIS yesterday, and yes, it was as cool as it looks.  I'm already strategizing when I can go back!

This snack looks delicious.

How cute is this idea for hanging guitars?  I might have to do this with my husband's collection. They're like art!

For those of us who are already lacking in counter space, this seems pretty genius.

I almost NEVER buy purses (I'd honestly rather buy stuff for my house) but I really wouldn't mind owning this one.

Okay, this seems a little labor intensive, but I could be pretty happy about one of them hanging from my ceiling.

I'm kind of dying over Peacock chairs.  I'm not sure where I'd put one, but if I found an affordable option, I'd find a spot!  Fingers crossed for the emails I sent out on a few Craigslist options....

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