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HAPPY WEEKEND!  I really mean that right now, it is gonna be a GOOD one.  We have a few fun ideas for how to spend our time, and for the first time in a while we are staying home!  No set plans.  We kind of never do that, and I think it needs to happen more often.  

We are going to see an outdoor movie in Forest Park tonight (Princess Bride) and take a picnic with us.  Saturday, yoga at the farmer's market, and I'm planning to paint our kitchen island a fun turquoise color.  Sunday, a whole lot of reading this stack of books I got from the library.  I'm telling you, you can't improve on that kind of weekend.  

Now, a few things I loved this week: 

We have central air, so we don't really NEED a fan, but how pretty is this one?

How genius is this business card for a yoga instructor?  I think I'll definitely have to invest in some of these when I finish teacher training.   

I discovered "Humans of New York" this week and I am totally fascinated.  What an incredible project.
These plates are a sharpie project!  How fun!  With some dollar store whites I think this could be a fun thing to do for the dinner party we're throwing in August.  

Jennifer Lawrence needs her own TV show.  

Pretty much my entire personal philosophy right now.  

I made this fried zucchini last night with the bounty from my in-laws garden, and it was oh-so-good!  

I'd like to wear this all weekend.  

This strawberry pie might have to happen sometime Sunday...

image via Camille Styles

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