west elm store preview, and my new favorite decoration

Yesterday, July 25th 2013, one of my most ardent wishes came true (and one of my husband's bigger fears for our bank account was realized.)  West Elm opened in St. Louis!  Okay, okay, I over exaggerate a bit, but seriously I was excited!  I love West Elm.  Additionally, I was thrilled to be invited to a blogger preview of the store, and was fortunate enough to be shown around by Kendall Coleman, West Elm's PR manager for all 51 stores.  

In addition to the whole store being full of amazing furniture and decor, it was also full of ideas, and that was one of the things Kendall emphasized the most.  I took home inspiration for all parts of my house, and I intend to hit up the store often, because they're constantly reworking the items in the store to show the many ways they can work in your home.  

That coffee table to the right will be making its way into my living room in no time - it's only $500, a crazy reasonable price for such an awesome piece, not to mention a dream for someone like me, who works from home.  

Examples of the tablescape inspiration - I LOVED how they put the silverware in the glasses in the left image.  I'll definitely be doing that at my next dinner party.  Another adorable touch?  Little traces of "lived in" action on all the surfaces.  Cheerios on a desk?  Funny, since that's how most of my mornings start.  Its a smart touch, given that it really puts in your mind how you'd LIVE with the piece.  

I was really nuts about this chaise with the reading table.  Such a perfect spot, I could curl up there for hours.  I was also pretty impressed with the price point on the coffee table to the left - it's only $350, a ridiculous steal for a piece that makes such an impact.  


I love that even though West Elm is a chain, they do their best to bring city specific touches to each store.  One lovely idea they incorporate is mini Etsy shops throughout.  Here in St Louis we have ReAuthored, a company that makes iPad cases out of vintage books, and Sprouted Designs (one of my personal favorites) who sells hand stamped tea towels.  

Okay, I know I'm gushing at this point (have I mentioned I really love this company?)  but my favorite part of the store was what I took home.  I've been going on about greenery in my house for a while now (see here) and one thing I've really been wanting was a hanging terrarium for my shower.  Weird placement to put a plant in the shower, I know, but I love it.  West Elm was kind enough to give the visiting bloggers a little gift card to pick out something to take home, and I picked one of their adorable terrariums.  

I kind of hate showing off my bathroom here, it's the space in my house that still needs the most work (BLUE TILE, HELLO 80s!), but I do love the way it looks with a little more green!  

Thanks again to West Elm, and if you're living in STL, make sure you check out the new store soon!  

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