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I'm a firm believer that an apartment is always a work in progress, but since ours is in the best place I've had it in a while (newly painted trim and a homemade ottoman have upgraded it a bit) I thought I'd post some pictures!  

It's only a 1 bedroom apartment, so some of these rooms are a little multipurpose.  This is our front room/dining room/music room

Our living room, including the new ottoman I made out of a pallet.  It was so easy!  I found the tutorial for it right here.  And yes, my couch always looks this rumpled, except for the 5 minutes after I fluff it up!  My dogs like to have the run of it.  

The living room also doubles as my office, which is why making a giant ottoman myself was way more economical.  I like a big work surface.  I looked at similar furniture online and I had trouble finding nice options for lower than $700!  

Our porch is one of my favorite things about our apartment.  It isn't all that large, but I've hung lots of plants and have an herb garden out there, and the little mason jar light is my favorite.  

 A few little details.  One of my favorite prints, and I like to keep my prettier kitchen things out on the window sill.  

I used to really hate my bathroom - it's blue and mint green, and that was a bit hard to work with.  I considered painting the tile white, but with a few tweaks I got it to a place I'm really liking.  

Our bedroom has finally become a really great spot to relax, with the addition of a new rug and a little seating area.  I found the peacock chair on Craigslist for just $10, and I got the fiddle leaf fern at an end of summer garden sale for only $12.  It's been a lot easier to take care of it than I thought it would be, and I can't wait until it gets really big!  

Well that's it (I told you our apartment isn't very big!)  Have any of you done any home upgrades lately?  Tried any fun DIYs?  I have to say, I never thought I'd be the kind of person who was actually doing things like painting trim or building furniture, but ever since we decided to stay a couple more years in this apartment, I've gotten really into making it exactly the space I want.  

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