lululemon seventh inning stretch

On Thursday last week, I was lucky enough to take part in a yoga event at St Louis' Busch stadium.  As any Cardinal fan knows, this is sort of sacred ground.  My husband has never been so excited to accompany me to yoga class.  There was a lot of obsessing over how soft the grass is (okay, yeah, it was pretty soft.)  For me though, the excitement was getting to practice yoga with such a large group.  It was a pretty powerful experience.  If you've ever used Om as a mantra in a class, you know what power it holds, but imagine it with 1500 people!  

I think the best part had to have been when, mid class, the instructors stopped, the music turned up, and there was a 1500 person dance party on the field.  Silly to the max, we all started jumping around. 

 When class was over, the sun was just setting and it was a pretty perfect end to class, with a very loud Namaste.  So much good energy in St. Louis that night!  I hope they do something like this event every year, I would never miss it!  

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