mid summer's night tablescapes

Taking some inspiration from my mother, who is a fabulous hostess, I decided to start up a little supper club in my current city, St. Louis.  I love the idea of making sure our friends get together for no real purpose other than good food, good wine, and a little music and conversation.  Being only 24, I don't have a very large collection of entertaining goods - I don't even have a real dinner table for larger than 4 people!  Even still, I volunteered to host our first month, and with a little creativity and some help from Pinterest, I've cooked up plans to make it a night worth remembering.  These are some of the photos I've taken inspiration from - I'm kind of getting that it's all about the lighting, flowers, and drinks!  

I love the idea of constructing a low table in the grass from found objects and transforming it with a little fabric and some flowers.  I'm fortunate that we're supposed to have perfect weather this weekend, so I'm planning on this method to get everyone seated together.  Just like expensive flowers, sme simple greenery also makes a table beautiful - and everyone looks better in candlelight.  Citronella is essential, but the versions you find in stores are kind of ugly (and expensive!) so I'm making homemade bug repellant with floating candles, citronella oil, and mason jars.  And to make it all feel twinkly and perfect, I'm planning to string some lights over the table.  

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