the clothes i'll never wear

If it's dragging the floor on the model, it'll make an actual pool of fabric on your 5'4 stature.  
Striped tights are for twiggy types (same goes for overalls).  
Varsity jackets are for high schoolers.  

You know when you buy clothes for the life you don't have?  The patterned kimono from House of Harlow that you never wore because, OH, you forgot!  You aren't a direct descendant of Stevie Nicks.  Then there's the sequined cocktail dress that you THOUGHT you might wear on New Year's Eve - except that nowadays your idea of the perfect New Year's celebration is watching the ball drop with your husband on the couch (of course, still with champagne in hand!)  

I own many of these clothes.  I have LOTS of fur coats - real ones I shamefully owned pre-vegetarianism - and although the leopard pea coats of the world are surprisingly wearable, shaggy faux red fox is not.  

That's why this week - and the coming weeks, as I take stock - I'm going to be giving myself a pretty big closet overhaul.  I am lucky enough to have a "seasonal storage" closet at my parent's home, and I'll be purging it of anything and everything I think might suit someone with a different life.  Here's to using that cash towards more practical matters - like black skinny pants and a solid leather tote bag.  

You can check out the beginnings of this at my eBay store HERE.  I wish you luck, those of you who have such exciting lives, and wear a medium, women's 6, or size 9 shoe.  

There's Mongolian lamb fur and pony hair leopard print a-plenty, and expect more sequins to be listed - LOTS more sequins.  

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