wishlist - urban gardening

I've been doing an increasing amount of gardening around my little apartment, and next up on my list is really expanding my herbs.  I need a cilantro plant, stat, because I go through a ridiculous amount of those little bundles from the grocery store.  Cilantro is the BEST.  I'm so glad I wasn't born with that gene that makes it taste like soap - although I suppose that if I had been, I wouldn't really care, because then cilantro would be the height of ick.  

That rope handled planter is where I'd like all my herbs to congregate, and those pretty scissors would keep me from crushing them when I cook.  I have a plain old spray bottle for a fern mister right now, but sometimes pretty things are worth quite a lot in life, and this brass version is so adorable and SHINY.  

And of course, so that I actually learn how to keep all these plants ALIVE, I'm continuing my education in horticulture.  Next up, this little apartment gardening guide I've heard so many good things about.  

I know it's inevitable that summer will end, but I'm going to keep it going indoors as long as I can.

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