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I've lived in a St Louis for a couple years now, and I'm kind of a yoga nut (per yesterday's post, this is kind of turning into a yoga themed week!)  I've wanted to do a post on my favorite studios in St. Louis for a while, because I hate when a newbie has a bad experience on their first time out.  Whether you're new to yoga or just visiting and wanting to try a new class, here are some great studios, and their best teachers.  (In my humble opinion of course!)  

Urban Breath is the first yoga studio I tried in St. Louis, probably because I found it on so many "best of" lists.  They have an amazing first month deal, $30 for 30 days, and that's pretty hard to beat.  Any of the classes taught by Stacy Broussard are probably my very favorite in the city.  She teaches a lot of lunchtime classes, as well as some great beginner's classes in the evening, and prenatal yoga.  

Kim Winn also teaches here, and she's a St. Louis favorite.  Her lunchtime class on Fridays is an awesome way to start off your weekend.  Also, she will pretty much kick your butt!  

Laurie Brockhaus' classes are fantastic as well, and Mallory Nezam & Nathan Wolff teach wonderful vinyasa classes.  

If you want to zen out, Jee Moon's classes will leave you completely relaxed.  

I'd have to say that overall, Urban Breath has the best mix of teaching styles in St Louis.

Next up, for the adventurous yogis, my favorite hot studio:

This is the actual classroom in Yoga Six's St Louis studio.  Yes, it is that gorgeous, and probably holds the title of most beautiful yoga studio in the city.  When you first go to Yoga Six, you get 6 classes to try for free, and then your first month is 30% off.  

They offer heated yoga (not Bikram, just hatha in a heated space), which is my personal favorite, and most of the classes are done in series.  What I mean by that is, if you attend a specific class you'll always be doing the same series of poses.  Of course, there are lots of different teachers, and they each put their own spin on the classes.  They also offer Barre classes, and considering that they're included with a general membership, this makes Yoga Six a really great value.  Some Barre studios in St Louis charge upwards of $150/month for a membership, and with Yoga Six you get hot yoga, room temp yoga, and Barre classes for $110/month.  

Mel Bauer, Elle Potter, Rebekka Mars, Nathan Wolff, Carrie Martens, and Ashley Mastandrea are some of my favorite instructors at Yoga Six.  I should note, a lot of St. Louis area instructors teach at multiple studios.  For example, Carrie Martens and Nathan Wolff also teach at Urban Breath.  

Southtown Yoga has recently moved into a gorgeous new space in Lafayette Square, a charming old neighborhood.  Southtown Yoga is the only studio in St. Louis to teach Yogahour classes, which are, from my understanding traditional Hatha classes for only $7 that focus on a core grouping of poses.  I'll be taking my teacher training classes at Southtown starting in September because they offer a really flexible schedule for teacher training, and I think their instructors are all great.  My two favorites would have to be Brigette Finley and Candace Glass.  

Last, but not least on my list is probably Practicing Yoga.  I haven't been to this studio in person yet, because it's brand new, but I have attended classes in St. Louis taught by its founder.  I can't wait to go in person.  Roxanne Krummenacher has got to be one of the best instructors I've ever practiced under (she just led the 1500 person practice held at Busch Stadium with lululemon!) and I'm so glad she opened her own studio.  Also, how adorable is the the branding and logo?  

If you've ever have tried any of these studios or have other favorites let me know, I'd love to hear about them!  

*I also wanted to note - this is not a ranking of studios in St. Louis.  There are actually a few dozen places to practice yoga in St. Louis.  I've actually tried most of them, including a few of the gyms that just have yoga classes included in membership, but these are my absolute favorites!  

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