friday link love

Any fun plans this weekend?  I have a JAM packed weekend - yoga teacher training until 4 pm each day.  After class I'll head to Loufest, our local music festival.

A song to kick off the weekend....I am completely and totally obsessed with this chick's album, it's pure pop gold.

I absolutely need this t shirt - for all those of us who are barely runners, pace wise.  Seriously, I once almost got beat in a half marathon by a speed walker.....she may have had the right idea.

Why women start sentences with "I feel like."

I've heard amazing things about this nail polish.  After I gave it a swipe in Sephora today and saw the shine for myself, I think I need a bottle.

On Monday, me and Darrell are starting a month of vegan eating, and I've been pinning recipes like crazy.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

photo credit to garance dore


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