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Darrell and I spend a lot of time talking about places we want to go & trips we want to take.  A longer trip to Paris is definitely on our list, but once reality tugs us back down to earth we start discussing more manageable ventures.  First up on our list for next year is Memphis.  

I went to Memphis once last year, just to check out Memphis in May, their local music festival.  It was amazing (My Morning Jacket!  Florence & the Machine!) but I didn't get to see much of the city on that trip.  If we could plan our dream trip, really being tourists, here's what we'd make happen.  

We would definitely stay...

 at the Peabody hotel, if only to see the ducks march each day.  Confused?  

The Peabody hotel has a little group of ducks that live on the roof!  Each day, they make a trek downstairs by elevator to march into the lobby fountain.  It's as adorable as it sounds, and the ducks live in a little house on the roof.  

We would go see...

Tons of live music!  I wouldn't even want to pick a specific venue.  I've heard that the best way to experience Beale Street is to just pop in and out of bars checking out as many bands as possible - until you find your favorite, and then take a seat!  

I'd go eat...

Well, let me rephrase that.  I'd go WATCH my husband eat lunch at Central BBQ.  I'm a pescatarian.  Then I'd make him take me to Hog & Hominy, where we could both eat some awesome southern food.  

I'd tour...

Graceland of course!  One of my friends just returned from a trip to Memphis, and said Graceland was pretty much the highlight.  She didn't even really like Elvis beforehand!  I've heard it's amazing, and yes, really really over the top.  

I'd wear...

Something comfy & casual so that I could walk around the city all day.  The best way to explore new places is almost ALWAYS on foot.  

Here's where things get really fun.  "I Want To Go To There" will be a regular series on Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer, and in light of that I've teamed up with I Heart Memphis & Alive Magazine to offer one reader a chance to win a trip to Memphis to kick off this column with a bang.  

The trip includes:  

-A two day stay at the famous Peabody Hotel (Nov 17-18)
-Two tickets to the Justin Timberlake show on Monday, Nov. 18 at FedEx Forum
-A round of golf at Justin Timberlake’s Mirimichi Golf Course (If your golf game is a little rusty, no biggie, enjoy a complimentary lunch and tour the club instead! We heard JT often makes an appearance while he’s in town.)
-Tickets to your choice of local music attractions like the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Graceland, Sun Studio or the Stax Museum.

You can click HERE to enter.   

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post!  I just know some awesome people who wanted to give me the opportunity to give my readers free stuff, because you guys rock.  "I Want To Go To There" posts will continue to pop up now and then, but not always with a giveaway attached!  

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  1. My husband and I went to Memphis for Memphis in May this year and went to both Central BBQ and Hog & Hominy! (both places are delish). :)


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