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First of all, I just want to say that I totally understand that for most of you, these posts about St. Louis Fashion Week could stay or go.  SO.  My promise to you is that I will continue to post about universal subjects just as often this coming week, and then there will be some additional posts about St. Louis Fashion Week sprinkled in!  

First things first - we headed off to 13th & Washington to do a little promotion for all the big STL Fashion Week events.  This was, of course, made a little more fun by our sponsor Skinnygirl (hey thanks Bethenny!) We sent out invites, chatted, and exchanged Instagram & Twitter follows. I was probably excited to a silly level at getting to take home a few hair ties like these from Daisy Clover Boutique.  They make the absolute bounciest pony tails, and they had the best patterns.  

Also, have you gotten your tickets yet?  Come on, get on it!  You can get them here.  

Then, we headed over to Urban Chestnut Brewery, where we just got one beer and hung out for a bit before our next stop.  This is my adorable friend Joanna - she must've gotten 5 comments last night about that hat reminding people of Breaking Bad.  I'm in a race to finish the whole thing soon since EVERYONE is talking about it, and I'm tired of being on spoiler-watch!  

Then on to the big event - the Fashion Soiree @ Palladium.  This was a fashion show for a lot of the local St. Louis boutiques, and I was generously given tickets by the stylist of the show.  

The event space was REALLY gorgeous - honestly, my expectations were blown away.  

Before the show we snapped a few pics of my outfit, and I scoped out the best place to catch show.  We didn't have seats, but luckily spotted my friend Sutton who cast the models for the show, and nabbed two next to her.  

It was really fun and we had a great time watching the show.  It definitely inspired me to check out more local shops - I'm such an internet shopping freak, but now I'll have to pop around to Paisley Boutique & Esther.  The clothes were gorgeous.  

More to come, I'm attending a show it seems every day until next weekend, and if last night was any indication it is going to be a fun & exciting week in St. Louis!  

my outfit details, if you care: top-francescas, skirt-express, jacket-banana republic, shoes-forever 21  

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  1. Yay Mary! Thanks for the mention ;)

    See you tonight at the Galleria!


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