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Any of my friends would tell you that I'm a bit of a hippie when it comes to my home, food, and health. I use The Honest Company for home cleaning products, eat a vegetarian & (mostly) whole foods diet, and I generally believe nutrition is the best medicine.  However, I had been totally failing with my beauty routine, which was basically full of cancer causing chemicals.  NOT GOOD!  

After reading THIS post from A Blog About Love I started to consider making the switch.  I knew this wasn't something I could do all at once - beauty products are expensive!  I've been trying to transition some of my things for a few weeks, and I wanted to share some of my favorites so far.  

1.  Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.  This was actually something I already used - I used to be religious about using Bare Minerals, and Mineral Veil is still a really great finishing powder.  I don't use this every day, usually just when I'm going out.  

2.  Bare Minerals Well-Rested - another product I know and love.  This pretty much conquers all undereye issues.  I'm still finishing up a tube of Chanel concealer, but when I do I'll be making the switch back to this.  

3.  Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream.  This is one of the new things I picked up.  I LOVE BB creams, but my two favorites were out of the question, chemically.  I'll be honest - this doesn't quite live up to how well my Garner & L'oreal favorites did, but it's pretty awesome considering its ingredient list.  

4.  Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer.  This product I'm loving, and actually, I would pretty much recommend anything by the "Yes to" brand.  I'm using the entire "Yes to Tomatoes" line for skincare.  

5.  Jurlique Purely Bright cleanser is super gentle, and I use it first thing in the morning, and before bed.  You can't wash your face too often if you're using this stuff, it's crazy gentle.  

6.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir is another product I had already been using, and I still love it.  I spray it on throughout the day just to refresh my skin, plus it smells fantastic.  This makes a great replacement for a toner as well.  

7.  Josie Maran Cheek Gelee.  Such a pretty wash of color, and it comes in fantastic colors.  All the Josie Maran products are wonderful, honestly, but they are pretty moisture heavy so I prefer them in the colder months.  

Also, all of these products are devoid of these harmful ingredients, and I would recommend keeping this image saved in your phone to reference while shopping!  

Now on to the next challenge: finding a half decent eyeliner/mascara combo.  I've heard this is a tricky area with natural products.  Any suggestions?  

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