on ugly shoes

I'd be willing to bet by now that you've heard about Birkenstocks.  Probably kind of a lot.  

I already know what you're thinking - "ICK!"  I initially thought that too....and then I got totally sucked into the trend.  I think Miss Natalie Jean can make me think anything look super cool, and once she started wearing them it was all over for me!  

So here's my round up of my favorite pairs, and favorite ways to style them!  Feel free to let me know if you love them or hate them - either way, I'm going to be supremely comfortable for the entirety of fall.  

I love the Gizeh style (in black, above) but for optimal nerdy socks-and-sandals wear, you gotta go with the Arizona.  

PS - the perfect camp socks to go with them.  

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  1. LOVE THEM. I'm all about the leather straps (not so much suede) and when I'm feeling funky I break these bad boys out: http://www.birkenstockusa.com/products/women/sandals/florida/soft-footbed-habana-oiled-leather/5390. TO bad we don't live in VT so we can wear them with socks too.


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