stl fashion week day 2/barefaced breakfast and fall into fashion

So this was a fun morning!  Yesterday Saks Fifth Avenue hosted a "Barefaced Breakfast" to help all the bloggers covering fashion week get some new ideas for makeup looks.  I am kind of a dunce with makeup - I basically wear BB cream, eyeliner, and mascara - so I welcomed the help! 

It helps that Saks beauty department is kind of amazing.  

We all picked a brand - I went with Bobbi Brown, because I love their brand philosophy, and the Bobbi artist had my favorite makeup on.  

I'll spare you the before picture since my skin is not terribly happy right now, and jump right to the after: 

I loved it!  Strong eyes, berry lips, really polished overall.  I have to say, I wouldn't wear this amount of makeup on a normal day EVER, but it does photograph well, which is important for all the events I'm attending this week.  

St. Louis Saks' marketing director (and one of this year's top 10 most stylish people in STL!) Tania Beasley-Jolly took us down to the basement for a little sneak peek at their upcoming trunk show.  Don't you just die over these Nicholas Kirkwood shoes?  Not for my life, but they are really pretty!  Saks St. Louis has been lucky enough to receive some exceptionally gorgeous shoes & bags in connection with the "A Queen Within" gala taking place soon.  
(PS - A few of us lucky bloggers are going to get a private viewing of the exhibit, which you can learn more about here!)  

For the event I wore a very casual outfit + heels: 

outfit: plaid shirt-thrifted, leggings-express, heels-madonna truth or dare...yeah i know, i know - she has surprisingly good shoes though!  

That night, I took my newfound makeup skills (plus some serious false eyelashes) and headed out to "Fall Into Fashion" at the Galleria.  

It's still weird doing outfit posts again, but I feel it's only right for these fashion week posts!  

If I were to pick a phrase to describe St. Louis' fashion community, it would be "small but mighty!"  As you can see in the second pic (bloggers doing their thing!) there were only three rows at the show, but it was still definitely a treat to sit in the front.  

The wonderful thing about this show was that the clothes were all from my favorite stores in St. Louis, and they were affordable.  Inspiration from high end shows is great, but as a person who works from home and teaches yoga on the side, I can definitely appreciate some real life clothes!  


If you haven't yet, get your tickets for this weekend's events here!  I'll be at Indulge at Plaza Frontenac benefiting Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital this evening, and the Project Runway Fashion Show at the Fabulous Fox tomorrow night!  


  1. All 3 of those girls are our Models! :) Good Choice!!!!!

    1. I'm obsessed with the girl on the left! Need to tell her how awesome she is at some point this week!


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