stl fashion week/project runway at the fox

As if it wasn't exciting enough to get to see a special presentation of the current collections from several Project Runway designers, it was the icing on the cake that the show took place at the Fox theatre.  

It's an insanely gorgeous theatre.  This is just the Lobby!  

But let's back it up - I was excited to get dressed up for one of the definite highlights of the week.  This might be a dorky thing to admit, but anytime I'm getting dressed for an event where pictures will be taken, I take a selfie AND make my husband snap a pic of the outfit before I leave!  Wisdom from Cher Horowitz.  Then I have no regrets the next day when the pics are posted on Facebook or Instagram.  

On display in the lobby were the incredible clothes by Scarlett Designs!  

I have to say, the runway show may have been the real focus of the evening, but the designs by Scarlett were my very favorite.  These clothes look like they were worn by socialites in 1950s Havana.  So glamorous, but still collectively wearable.  Not to mention the models were styled to perfection.  

My gorgeous friends Lisa & Logan!  Seriously though, how amazing is Logan's jacket?  It's actually a vintage military coat.  

Alive Magazine did an amazing job.  The theatre was really transformed!  

I took one second to snap a quick picture with my fellow bloggers KateDanica & Emily & Julia before the show started...

and then the models started out from behind the stage!  The show was gorgeous, and every designer certainly had their own perspective.  The collections moved from dark to light, with the first from Michael Drummond being distinctively gothic.  Joshua McKinley's mix of leopard & houndstooth felt sort of like fashion Prozac!  It was an unexpected combination I really loved.  Laura Kathleen, a St. Louis native, presented the final collection which had a sophisticated palette of gold & black.  I was focusing more on experiencing the show than taking photos, but make sure to check out Alive Magazine this afternoon for full coverage of the best looks from the show.   

If you haven't yet, make sure to get your tickets for Style In the Loop this afternoon.  It's supposed to be gorgeous weather, and if the previous shows have been any indication, it will not disappoint!  


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