the year's last lovely smile

The other day I was out grocery shopping, and when I looked down at my phone and realized it was September 12th, I almost dropped my bags.  It's insanely hard to believe that it's the middle of September already.  Fall often feels more like a new year than the actual New Year, and especially this year.  I started yoga teacher training this past weekend, and it really feels like the beginning of school.

Inspired by that feeling, I decided to make a fall resolution list - not so much based in self improvement, more for the purpose of making sure I make the most of my very favorite season.  In no particular order...

1.  Keep the windows and doors open as long as I can.  I LOVE the brief time period where leaving off the air is an option.  I'll keep this up until I'm wearing socks and sweaters in the house.

2.  Make the most of Tower Grove Park, whether it's for biking, reading, yoga, or walking my dog.  We live by the most beautiful Victorian era park, and it's trees are pretty much unmatched by any other area in St. Louis.

3.  Drink a few pumpkin spice lattes, and never feel bad about the calories.

4.  Get to an orchard to buy cider, honeycrisps, and apple butter, and make the most of the farmer's market fall harvest.  Definitely make a pie with all the apples.

5.  Really dress up for halloween.  We tend to really fail at this - me and Darrell never match, and my costume is always pretty weak.  I need to put a little more effort in this year!

6.  Have a dinner date at home, making dinner and sitting out by our fire pit, have smore's for dessert.

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