trying out naturebox snack delivery

First and foremost, I want to put out there that this isn't a sponsored post!  I actually got a coupon code to try out Naturebox for $10 from A Cup of Jo which is now expired, but you can also follow my referral link to get 50% off your first order here!  


I placed an order a few weeks ago, and it came to our doorstep yesterday.  For your first box, you don't get to pick which snacks you get.  This is pretty typical of delivery services - for example, Honest doesn't let you pick what's in your first box, unless you call.  With this though, I was fine with it, because I had no idea which snacks were the good ones anyways.  But I'm here to tell you, they were all pretty darn good.  

Here's what we got: 

These are the savory guys: Sante Fe Corn Stix, Cheddar Pub Pretzels, Teriyaki Twists.  Truth be told, we only really LOVED the Cheddar Pub Pretzels, but the Teriyaki Twists and Sante Fe Corn Stix weren't bad, i.e. we'll definitely still eat them!  

And the sweet ones: Cocoa Waffle Wafers, Sweet Blueberry Almonds, and Cherry Berry Bonanza.  These were ALL awesome.  Especially the blueberry almonds, which tasted REALLY blueberry-ish.  A plus for these is that even though they're sweet, they're still REALLY low sugar.  None had more than 7g per serving - about the same as a plain yogurt.  

Next week me and Darrell are starting a vegan challenge - HIS IDEA if you can believe it.  So I decided to get online to switch all our snacks out for vegan options (most of their snacks already are, but not the cheddar pretzels, etc.)  

I got a little frustrated when I realized that I didn't have the capability to pick our snacks online even for the second box, but I called anyways to try my luck to at least get an all vegan box.  Turns out, if you call and ask to pick your snacks they will open up your online interface so that you can do it yourself!  They're rolling it out to every account soon, but for now it took all of a 2 minute phone call to get it set up, so I'd highly recommend doing that.  Oh, and their customer service is awesome - no waiting or electronic people, they take you straight to a representative!  

All in all, I give them a thumbs up.  6 bags of healthy, organic grab-and-go snacks would've cost easily $25 at Whole Foods, so considering your first box is $10 and it just shows up at your doorstep, it's totally worth it.  

Like I said, click here to try it out!  

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