Today I'm really excited to let you guys know about a fantastic project called we just love things.  My friend Isaac is one of the creators and performers of this soon-to-be show, which will incorporate music, dance, acting, and art in general.  The best part is the theme: the whole show is about things the performers love!  Such a lovely, positive message.  It will take place in November in Brooklyn, NY.  

You can learn more about the project as a whole, and how to donate here.  

If you don't wish to support the show financially, you can still participate in their adorable campaign to ramp up the positivity on the internet by adding the hashtag #wejustlovethings to your Instagrams, Tweets, and Facebook posts about things or people you love!  

You can also follow along as they put the show together on their tumblr!  

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  1. Just dropping by to say hey girl, it was great meeting you tonight! Love your blog so much! If you'd love to check out my blog too, I'd love it! (: Hope I see you a bunch at Fashion Week!!


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