friday link love

I hope you all have wonderful weekends planned!  I have yoga teacher training every day but when I get out of class at 4 Saturday, I have a lovely dinner with family on the calendar, and a Sunday evening of absolutely nothing at all.  I'm also going to try to squeeze in time to finish the new Stephen King book (it's a sequel to the Shining!) during the daylight hours.  It is so incredibly scary, but SO good.   

I don't have kids yet, but when I do I'm sure I'll be glad to have filed this away.  

Very true, most of the time.  Also this.  

I'm right in the middle (25), but apparently your late twenties are awesome.  

I'm really into natural iPhone amplifiers, rather than electronic speakers.  This one is definitely on my wishlist.  

The MOST adorable Halloween costumes.  

Want to meet influential people?  Apparently you should just throw lots of dinner parties!  

Speaking of dinner, this sounds like the perfect thing to make Sunday night.  

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