on getting dressed up

Outside of maybe one night each weekend, I spend most of my life in Lululemon workout wear. 
That's probably why I have REALLY enjoyed having a reason to get dressed up for all the STLFW events.  It's fun to put on makeup every day, fix my hair, and have it actually matter what I look like.  A definite treat for this work-from-home yoga teacher.  

Once it all ends this Sunday, I don't want to go back to my pajama dressing ways!  Post fashion week, I'm going to make an effort to step it up even on days when all I do is run a few errands. 

Plaid seems like the perfect way to accomplish that.  It's super easy to layer - ever notice how grocery stores have like 5 climates within their confines?  Also, I find that the best plaid shirts come from thrift stores, and were broken in to ideal softness by the previous owner.  

Got any favorite plaid shirts I should pick up that I can't find at a thrift store?  I feel like Madewell's boy shirts may have that market cornered.  

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