stl fashion week/industry night

Yesterday's show at Windows on Washington was most certainly the highlight of STL Fashion Week!  I have to say, it was the first show which left me really excited about fashion.  I was so invigorated by the entire presentation - there was so much energy in the room, you could feel it.  

I'm getting a little ahead of myself though....

To help us get the big day off to a good start, Dimvaloo, an activewear store in St. Louis hosted a yoga event in the park.  

I LOVE yoga, as all my longtime readers know, so I was really excited that this was on our fashion week agenda.  Dimvaloo was a wonderful host.  They gave us these amazing water bottles  (which have the time marked on them, so you'll drink enough every day!) and a seriously good yoga mat.  I couldn't help but show off a bit once I realized how good and grippy it was!  

That night, we all headed to Windows on Washington for the Industry night show.  

The venue has this gorgeous Chihuly glass fountain in the entryway.  

Bluebird boutique had their models doing a funky little routine.  They moved positions like robots every once in a while.  

I loved these vintage styles from Suzanne Lay, and their hair was so perfect for the looks.  

The runway show kicked off with a few words from Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week.  It was a huge validation for the St. Louis fashion community to have her present, and just really neat to get to see her in person.  Of course, I totally chickened out on actually introducing myself, but still very neat to be at the same event!  

There were lots of gorgeous looks, but I thought I'd just show you my favorites.  

Wai Ming's collection was minimalistic and sexy, in a sophisticated way.  I could honestly say I'd wear almost all of it.  

Jennifer Chun's collection was sporty and feminine at the same time.  I really loved the matching sets.  You could definitely see her previous work experience with Derek Lam & Michael Kors coming out in her aesthetic.  

Eva Franco gets five outfit shots, because she was my very favorite!  Her girly prints had so much life.  Best of all, she encouraged her models to smile and wave, and why shouldn't they?  I think it sells the clothing so much better than a sullen stare.  

Now, don't forget to head out to support Fashion's Day Out on Saturday - I hear there are some pretty amazing deals to be had!  

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