a gift guide for the mama-to-be

So I am not a huge fan of gift guide series' - honestly, I don't know what your husband or your child would like for Christmas, so I won't presume to tell you what to buy them.  However, I do know what I'd love to get as a baby mama-to-be, and I figured I'd share my picks!  

1.  A gorgeous smelling candle, to cover up newly icky smells.    

2.  Harry & David pears - this is a bit of a decadent gift as it's about $40 for 10 pears, but they are the most delicious pears ever!  I crave juicy fruits constantly nowadays, and I'd love to get a box of these.  

3.  Some chic AND comfy booties, to make all my leggings + sweater ensembles cuter.  

4.  A pretty set of Dominos, for playing games on winter nights spent cozied up inside instead of out on the town.  

5.  A pretty scarf, to dress up maternity basics.  

6.  Hunter Wellies in bright red, because they brighten up any rainy day.  

7.  A pretty cross blanket, for taking Sunday naps.  

8.   Rich body butter, for keeping her skin smooth and unblemished.  This one absorbs incredibly well, and has a really lovely, subtle scent.

For the record (hi honey!,) my #1 pick is a prenatal massage, which sounds heavenly right about now.

*FYI - There are no affiliate links in this post.  I just really love these gift ideas!  

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