awkward & awesome tuesday


My skin while I'm pregnant.  Don't they say that you're having a girl if you feel like the baby is stealing all your good looks?  Yeah, this thing is after my previously clear skin, so I'm thinking it may be a girl...

Again, pregnancy brain.  My dogs may not make it through the birth of this child - I forgot Gatsby (YES, AGAIN) this time at the groomer's.  Good thing she didn't mind watching him for a few extra hours...

Crying (uh, maybe a little loudly) for the entire duration of Saving Mr. Banks - WHY are there no Disney movies where at least one person doesn't die?  

Trying to pick somewhere to go out on New Year's Eve - I refuse to pay $60 for a ticket to an all-inclusive party when I won't be drinking!  My requirements are valet parking, ample seating, and nothing too loud.  In other words, my idea of a perfect New Year's Even is pretty much in line with my grandmother's.  

One of my yoga teachers preaching to me about how I should have a natural (read - unmedicated) birth.  I'm fairly sure I pay my doctor for this kind of advice, and I really hate it when women push their way of doing things on other women.  It's a feat to give birth no matter how you plan to do it, and let's just leave it at that!  


Darrell found a phone right outside our car when we parked to go to dinner one night.  He called a few people in the recent calls, finally reached the owner, and when the man came to meet us at the restaurant to pick it up he paid for our dinner.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  

Waking up around 6 every morning lately.  I know, you wouldn't think this would fall under awesome, but lately I just haven't needed as much sleep.  It's been SO nice to have the extra time in the morning.  

Christmas in general - we have such generous friends & family, and this week we used all the gifts cards (which are the BEST gift) to buy D some new clothes, which were so needed.  He really gets the shaft lately with someone needing maternity everything.  

Buying our baby's crib and rocking chair at Pottery Barn.  My amazing mother bought us a gorgeous crib and helped us out with the purchase of our rocking chair.  They are so gorgeous that I might just assemble the crib next week - although I doubt my husband will let me set it up until closer to April.  If you're curious, we got this crib in espresso, and this rocking chair in parchment twill (both majorly on sale right now).  

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