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I saw this quote the other day and it was just immediately one of those things that resonated with me, because of how true it is.  Of course, we're all reflecting on the previous year and if you asked me, I'd have to say that 2013 was a year that answered.  It answered questions like 
"is the first year of marriage really as hard as they say" 
"who are my real friends?" 
and most importantly "are we ready to be parents?"  

The answers were good and bad: we loved our first year of marriage; but I think that's because we lived together first.  With all the changes in our life, most of my friends surprised me with how wonderful they could be, even those that are thousands of miles away.  Of course, the "are we ready to be parents" question already has a pretty final answer, and I'd say that was the defining moment of our year - it definitely set us on a certain path for 2014, and we're so excited to see where it leads.  

Okay, so I'll stop getting so emotional on you, it is Friday after all!  Our plans for the weekend include parties, movies, and the Nutcracker.  Also, it's basically a 10 day weekend because of a few days off around Christmas.  I'll be posting sporadically though, so stay tuned!  
I hope you have wonderful holiday with lots of lovely things planned.  

How adorable is this tutorial for wall art?  I am seriously considering this for above the crib!

Can you guess these 30 rock quotes from a gif?  I'm a major fan and it was harder than I thought!

Someone pointed out the other day that Darrell and I need a Christmas tradition (we don't have any!), and I think next year perhaps we'll start the "new pajamas" opened on Christmas Eve one.  We can start me off with these!

This makes a pretty good point.

This cool and casual Hatch Collection dress needs to get into my closet!  Post-Christmas present to myself?

I adore NYC, but if you've ever visited you know that this tourism ad is fairly true.

13 things mentally strong people avoid.

I don't know how I forgot about this childhood favorite cookie, but I made some this week and they were so delicious!

Merry Christmas!  

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